About 250 market researches

About 250 market researches, strategy and optimization projekts, charge systems and tour planning together with cost and material flow analyses for waste associations and wastemanagement companies at home and abroad.

More than 70 waste treatment plants

Intecus has initiated, carried out planning, assisted for more than 70 waste treatment plants, among others one of Europe's largest sorting
plant for commercial and demolition waste, a 280,000 Mg/a mechanical - biological residual waste treatment plant, , a 350,000 Mg/a recycling plant, 12 composting plants, 13 hazardous waste treatment plants.

Restoration and demolition plants

Restoration and  demolition plans, analyses, controlling, re-assignment concepts for approximately 60 contaminated properties, industrial
buildings and mine dumps.
Locating and inspecting

Locating and inspecting of several thousand indiscriminate dumps for household waste, Intecus is significantly involved in protection programmes. 

Hand book

The hand-book "Waste Management", published by Springer-Verlag,   has become international reputation and has been translated to japanese, english and polish language.

About 500 studies

The Intecus reference list comprises about 500 studies, research projects, experimental researches as well as around 200 
scientific publications.The number of international projects is growing continuously respecting to the increasing international 
technology and know how transfer.Together with the governmental authorities Intecus is more and more involved with tasks 
forming a modern and future oriented environmental policy. 


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