Intecus has always put an emphasis on maintaining international ties.Public and private clients can draw on our  experience and knowledge gained from over 500 projects.High Western European environmental standards have found their way into management and administrative structures outside Europe not least by way ov environmentally conscious activities and adaption to export standards. 

International projects are the result of good contacts maintained over  the years with high-level members in buisness,government, associations and in scientificds research.Intecus maintains permanent international contacts to India, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America and East Europe. 

Cooperation in projects with researchers, planners and lobbyists at home ensure locally feasible as well as permanetly sound solutions.Intecus is competent in exploiting financing programs and adapting project plans to a great variety of support programs and adapting project plans to a great variety of support programms. In addition to the programs initiated by the European Union, funds are available in the areas or twin town programmes, exchange programmes in education and science, research and development, the marketing of innovative methods, in sponsorship of small and medium - sized companies. 


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