For many years Intecus has been involved in demolition waste recycling management. We have initiated new developments in the areas of controlled demolition and environmentally compatible building sites.

Intecus has vast experience as regards planning, tenders, assistance and management of controlled demolition.The feasibility and economic efficiency of controlled demolition as opposed to conventional demolition has been proven time and again.For demolition, Intecus determines the level of demolition forÝ the specific site taking into account the existing parameters - time involved, area size, conditions for waste disposal - and subsequently develops a detailed demolition plan.A high cost - saving potential in the area of waste disposal costs results in a positive effect on the overall cost. Intecus has developed a substantial amount of base data for establishing environmentally compatible building sites as well as practical and adaptable concepts. Site - specific building materials and quantities and logistic parameters - time factor, area size, traffic considerations - are the basis for new buildings, conversions, redevelopment.Intecus plans waste handling logistics for shells and subsequent construction, removal cycles and container volumes, plans monitoring methods and negotiates with waste service companies.Waste management objectives identify with the economic objectives: cost - saving on waste handling costs alone can be 30% and more.

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