As recources from packaging materials, print products and biological waste are being increasingly collected seperately, residual waste quantities have substantially declined.Waste analysis reports by Intecus have shown that within large housing areas in particular there is still considerable potential for reducing residual waste. Intecus advises clients in the public sector concerned with waste services on how to select the best possible fee system for the waste management situation in the relevant area.Intecus also undertakes to calculate fees.

To avoid ever-increasing waste handling fees, optimum procedures need to be found for waste collection, transport, treatment and disposal. Together with partners in the waste service industry and with clients in the public sector, Intecus analyses ongoing processes and by combining practical knowledge in economics with that of specialists engeneering is able to propose improvements as well as to assist in their implementation, The introduction of new  waste collection systems must also be valuated from an economical and an ecological point of few.Intecus plans, assists and evaluates experiments to develop and implement low -cost and adapted solutions.

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