As we porogress ever further towards an economy based on recource recovery, finding treatment solutions for specific waste types plays a mayor role.One of the conditions for carrying out high-quality treatment are material flows of a corresponding quality and quantity.A material flow analyses provides precise information to this end.

Over a period of 10 years Intecus has carried out waste analyses of household and commercial waste.This includes methods of observing, classifying and sorting.In addition to the required know-how of our trained specialists, Intecus has the necessary technical equipment for sorting as well as the software programms for carrying out evaluation and projection.

Intecus has played an essential part in establishing a guidline for carrying out waste analyses reports in the Free State of Saxony. Commercial waste registers (GAKs) are used for the purpose of analysing and channeling commercial waste.Intecus has developped software which for several years has been put to succesful practical use.The GAK is an integral part of an overall service consisting of data capture by questionaire, visits to operating sites and subsequent evaluation.

The results of waste analyses and commercial waste registers form the basis of projections regarding the quality and quantity of waste or of partial waste flows.

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