Business management,technical and legal environmental aspects combine into an overall service which Intecus specifically develops in close coordination with the client and which is carried out for a project or as a continuous program for that company. Intecus environmental auditors are preparing the EC ECO Audit and DIN ISO 14.000 ff environmental managementİ systems and are implementing these in global management systems. The same applies to DIN ISO 9.000 ff as an instrument for business quality management . This has become indispensable within the European competitive market. Waste service companies in particular may benefit from our vast experience in waste management for cost-structure analyses, optimizing, as well as operational strategies.

In cost-benefit analysis Intecus consolidates economic and ecological aspects by a valuation of exogenous and endogenous effects in terms of money.The generalİ sur vey about macro- and micro-econimicİ correlations, which is necessary for strategic decisions, is relying on longterm practise-oriented knowledge of markets and management skills.

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