Development of discarded industrial areas can prove worthwhile even if these have been contaminated, particulary in areas where reassignment of areas for industrial and commercial use is subject  to stringent regulations.

Intecus assists during all stages of property development.Particular careis taken in examining contaminations of buildings and the inspection of the ground and ground water.Research with regard to the use and history of the terrain minimizes the level of ensuing laboratory analyses, both where determination of the contaminated area as well as where general parameters are concerned.Close cooperation with local authorities is undertaken from the earliest stages onwards.This avoids costly delays or halting a building project at a later date as a result of subsequent demands. If it is confirmed that the area is contaminated, a redevelopment plan will be set up in cooperation with the clients,local authorities and subsequent users.The object is to develop a sound and economically viable concept acceptable to all parties concerned.This forms the basis for operative measures.Our responsibility is thus to manage the redevelopment  and monitor the construction.

As an accredited waste expert institute, Intecus provides reports which are officially admitted. 

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